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The 5-Pack is our streamlined, hassle-free system for you to carry VG in your store with no shipping costs, no returns, no monthly billing and one huge discount (57% off cover price)! The Vintage Guitar team designed this seamless process so anyone can enjoy the magazine! Here are the details:

  • Five (5) copies of the latest Vintage Guitar issue sent to your desired shipping address every month (shipping/billing addresses may vary).
  • Distribution is entirely at your discretion – sell them at full price, half, or give them away to your best customers!
  • To order more than 5 issues simply change the quantity.
    • Qty of 2 = 10 issues
    • Qty of 3 = 15 issues and so on
  • Your cost breaks down to $15/month which includes FREE shipping in the U.S.!
  • Two (2) plans to choose from:
    • 6 months $208.50 $90.00
    • 12 months $417.00 $180.00

FAQ When should I expect my issues to arrive?

Issues arrive in mailboxes approximately the 15th of each month. To ensure timely delivery order before the 10th of each month. Any order received after the 10th will be delayed until next month’s issue. Here are examples:

  1. James ordered the 5-Pack on January 9th. James should receive 5-Pack approximately January 15th.
  2. Ward ordered the 5-Pack on January 11th. Ward should receive 5-Pack approximately February 15th.

Questions? Contact Vintage Guitar

Doug Yellow Bird • (800) 844-1197 • Doug@VintageGuitar.com

Issue cover shown DOES NOT represent which issues you will receive. 5-Packs are mailed straight from the printing company – issue cover is not to be released until after distribution.

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