August 2018

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We visit the guitar-laden lair of Maple Byrne, tech/road manager for Emmylou Harris (along with John Prine, Lyle Lovett, Fabulous T-birds, and many others). His 200-plus instruments reflect tastes far more Wandré than Strat! George Gruhn explains the inspiration behind and construction of Fender’s Paisley Red and Blue Flower Teles, Pete Prown takes us inside the Martin factory, Dave Hunter details the pioneering 1936 Supro-Electric set, Willie Moseley examines the Les Paul Signature Bass – a rare bright spot from Gibson’s Norlin era, and Michael Wright tells the story of Leo Fender’s first challenge to his former company, the Music Man Stingray. Be sure to check out this year’s edition of our “Dad’s Day” photos, and our exclusive interviews with players both familiar and fresh. Our “Hit List” reviews point you to the best new guitar music, and you can always trust our choices of VG Approved Gear. You’re sure to enjoy the August issue, available now!

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