August 2020

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August 2020 issue Featuring Billy F Gibbons

When it came time to reissue his 2005 book, Rock + Roll Gearhead, Billy Gibbons dug deeper into his collections. We get the lowdown on the upgrade. In another exclusive, we visit with sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, a.k.a. Larkin Poe, whose new album is hotter than a Rickenbacker frying pan sittin’ on a Mississippi sidewalk in the summertime! Plus, we tell the riveting stories of the Kramer 650G and Fender’s ’61 Bandmaster. Need a big ol’ dose of vintage wire and wood? Check out Tom Guerra’s collection. We talk new music with Kid Ramos, Jimmy Johnson, Tom Principato, Kurt Rosenwinkel, George Lynch, and Josh Smith. Then, grab your guitar and strum along as Wolf Marshall breaks down career-making licks from Carlos Rios. Join us in revisiting Skynyrd’s Second Helping, and build new playlists from our reviews of the latest music from George Barnes, Webb Wilder, Rory Block, Eli Cook, and many more. Everybody loves new gear, but before plunking down your hard-earned cash, catch our reviews of great stuff from Boss, Lucky Dog, Valco, EVH, Relish Guitars, PRS, and Reverend.
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