January 2024

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Born and raised in the homeland of Delta blues, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram learned gospel music in church before family and the Delta Blues Museum tapped into his prodigious talent. Today, he stands atop the field of blues guitarists/front men. We talk with him about his new album, Live in London. Also joining us to talk new music are Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Leo Lyons, Tony Gilkyson, Andrew Synowiec, Muireann Bradley, Phil Manzanera, and Lords of Atlantis’ Ivan Pongracic and Jeremy Denhart. We also touch base with Lovin’ Spoonful bassist Steve Boone.

In the history of vintage guitars, Gretsch and Mosrite are sometimes linked, and often associated with ’50s hot-country pickers and ’60s rockers. We study one from 1960 that takes that connection to a new level.

Heavyweights in our culture, beyond baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, few things say “American” more than music and road trips. One ’53 Les Paul is emblematic of both.

And though they may not steal our breath like a tweed Bassman or plexi Marshall, certain unusual amps still hold a fascination. Dave Hunter re-examines a handful that he has profiled in the last 15 years.

John Mayall’s Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton is the album that launched a million players. In “Fretprints,” Wolf Marshall revisits its impact and charts three key licks. Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” traces a handful of players breaking the mold in bluegrass, Dan Erlewine begins returning a ’55 Les Paul Special and matching GA-30 to their former glory, and “Pop ’N Hiss” details how the Rolling Stones’ brief flirtation with pschyedelic music came to an abrupt end with Beggars Banquet.

If St. Nick didn’t deliver all the goods and your sound is suffering, flip through our “Approved Gear” section to read our knowledgeable reviewers’ thoughts on the Boss AC-22LX, Earthquaker Ledges Reverb, Electro-Harmonix  Spruce Goose, Friedman IR-X, Guild F-40 Standard, Meris LVX Delay, Bad Cat Jet Black, and the PRS SE Swamp Ash Special.

New year, new music, right? Our “Hit List” review staff suggests checking out new tunes by Jimi Hendrix, Tony Gilkyson, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Foghat, Chris Stapleton, Neil Young, and more!

It’s all in the January issue of Vintage Guitar!

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