November 2023

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An in-demand producer and collaborator who has penned hit songs for country superstars, Jimmy Olander’s career has always focused on Diamond Rio, the Grammy-winning band he helped form.

We talk new music with Nick Moss, Cliff Goodwin, Popa Chubby, Jared James Nichols, and John Notto, then pay tribute to Bernie Marsden.

The ever-evolving circuits in the amplifier known as the Fender Bassman have birthed several classics; Dave Hunter explores one of the best-sounding – which few even knew they were playing through.

For decades, the sunburst finish has been ubiquitous on guitars, basses, mandolins, et al. But whose concept was it, and what was the motivation?

Rob Zolezzi’s life as a touring guitarist was partly inspired by studio legend Al Caiola. A devout Gretsch collector, Robby Z’s #1 piece is a prototype from his hero’s heyday, when the New York company was courting his endorsement. Don’t miss this installment of “Classics.”

Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints” studies the renowned modern-traditionalist jazz of Jack Wilkins, while “Dan’s Guitar Rx” finishes restoration of a ’58 ES-335 that re-entered Dan Erlewine’s orbit, and Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” discusses Roaming With Terry “Buffalo” Ware.

Because it’s always the right time to spruce up your tone and broaden your choices, our knowledgable, objective “Approved Gear” crew is here to lend its thoughts on the Coppersound Kingpin OD and Iris Compressor, Positive Grid Spark Go, Walrus Slöer, Kochel Resonator, Eastman Sidejack DLX 20th Anniversary, Gator Cases MiniVault, Fender AVII ’54 Precision Bass, and the Friedman JEL-20.

Being a discerning music listener, you’ll appreciate our “Hit List” screenings of the latest from Dirty Honey, Buddy & Julie Miller, Daniel Donato, The Who, Brothers Osborne, Robin Trower, Fareed Haque, and many more!

It’s all in the November issue of Vintage Guitar!

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